Tour to Italy

Although there are other Roman amphitheaters in Italy, Rome’s Colosseum is the world’s largest and most visited Roman arena.

Ancient Rome’s huge amphitheater, built by Emperor Vespasian in AD 80, held as many as 55,000 spectators. Deadly gladiatorial and wild animal fights were often held in the Colosseum but it was used for other events as well.

A ticket to the Colosseum includes entrance to the adjacent Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, among Rome’s top ancient sites. The Colosseum’s top level and underground passages are open only on specially guided tours, our partners in Italy will take you round the anacient city.

Some of our travel destinations are

1.The Roman Colosseum

2.The Leaning Tower of Pisa

3.Ancient City of Pompeii Duomo in Florence

5.Piazza San Marco

6.Vatican Museums

7.Sistine Chapel

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